Acrylic laminate pens

Acrylic (specifically acrylic acetate) comes in a variety of colors and patterns suitable for turning pens. It is a durable material that can be polished to a mirror shine. We use graduated fine grit sandpaper for the rough sanding, then graduated sanding pads to 12,000 grit for the final sanding followed by a quick polish using a microabrasive polishing compound. The results are beautiful.

Our laminated acrylics start off as two separate acrylic pen blanks. The blanks are cut using a template based on the desired design. The cut surfaces are sanded to remove any bumps and burrs, and the pieces are glued together using a custom made three-axis press which compresses the parts from the top, bottom, and sides. Once dried, the laminated blank is drilled and turned as you would with any other acrylic blank.