Ammo boxes



Our ammo boxes are made from Paulownia wood which is native to China and eastern Asia. It is a fine-grained wood that is warp resistant, making it an excellent choice for making boxes and furniture. It was once customary in Japan to plant a Paulownia tree at the birth of a baby girl, allowing it to grow as the child grew. When the girl was to wed, the Paulownia tree would be cut down to make furniture as a wedding present.


Paulownia tree

Queen Anne Povlovna

The Paulownia tree was originally spelled Pavlovnia and was named in honor of Queen Anna Pavlovna of The Netherlands, daughter of Tsar Paul I of Russia. For this reason, the Paulownia tree is sometimes called the "Princess Tree".



A mature tree can reach heights of 40-50 feet tall, has broad leaves, and blooms with beautiful purple blossoms.


Paulownia tree in bloom