All pens are individually hand made which makes them distinctive and unique. All of our pens use standard Cross ink refills, available wherever office supplies are sold. Since materials (especially exotic woods) vary in appearance, pens made from the same material will still have unique coloring and designs. The pens pictured below should be considered examples of what is available.

The .50 BMG pens, 300 Winchester Magnum pens, and 30-06 pens are approximately 5 1/2" long. The 300 Winchester Short Magnum pens, 30-30 pens, and .308 pens are approximately 5" long. The slimline pens are approximately 5 1/4" long.

Click to see the exotic wood pens, acrylic pens, Corian pens, or pens made from miscellaneous materials.


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Miscellaneous pens:

.50 BMG "Saboted Light-Armor Penetrator-Tracer"

.50 BMG with 800 grain boattail bullet

Various laminates on brass 300 Winchester Magnum

Whitetail Deer Antler on brass 30-06

Whitetail Deer Antler on brass 300 Winchester Magnum

Whitetail Deer Antler slimline

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Exotic wood pens:

Applewood slimline

Black Walnut on brass 300 Winchester Magnum

Black Walnut on nickel 300 Winchester Short Magnum

Black Walnut slimline

Boscoyo on brass 30-06

Buckeye Burl slimline

Cholla Cactus with black acrylic on brass 30-06

Cholla Cactus with red acrylic on nickel 30-06

Curly Maple on brass 30-06

Curly Maple slimline

Ebony on brass 30-06

Lacewood on nickel 30-06

Lignum Vitae on brass 30-06

Lignum Vitae slimline

Purpleheart on nickel 30-06

Spalted Maple slimline

Spalted Sycamore Root slimline

Walnut slimline

Wenge slimline


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Acrylic pens:

Black Acrylic with White Swirl on brass 30-06

Black Acrylic with Pearl Crush slimline

Blue & Orange laminated acrylic on brass 30-06

Blue & Orange laminated acrylic on nickel 30-06

Coffee acrylic with Pearl Crush on brass 30-06

Coffee with Pearl Crush acrylic slimline

Crush Purple acrylic slimline

Green Acrylic on brass 30-06

Teal and Black acrylic slimline

Transluscent Yellow acrylic slimline


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Corian pens:

Burnt Orange Corian slimline

Corian Granite slimline

Laminated Red and Black Corian

Peach Travertine Corian slimline

White Corian with Brown Speckles slimline

White Crush Corian slimline

Yellow Corian with Clear Crush slimline


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